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net::java::games::input::AWTMouse Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::java::games::input::AWTMouse:

net::java::games::input::Mouse net::java::games::input::AbstractController net::java::games::input::Controller

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Definition at line 45 of file AWTMouse.java.

Public Member Functions

final synchronized void eventDispatched (AWTEvent event)
Component getBack ()
Component getButton3 ()
Component getButton4 ()
final Component getComponent (Component.Identifier id)
final Component[] getComponents ()
final Controller[] getControllers ()
final EventQueue getEventQueue ()
Component getExtra ()
Component getForward ()
Component getLeft ()
Component getMiddle ()
final String getName ()
int getPortNumber ()
PortType getPortType ()
Component getPrimaryButton ()
Component getRight ()
final Rumbler[] getRumblers ()
Component getSecondaryButton ()
Component getSide ()
Component getTertiaryButton ()
Type getType ()
Component getWheel ()
Component getX ()
Component getY ()
synchronized boolean poll ()
final synchronized void pollDevice () throws IOException
final void setEventQueueSize (int size)
String toString ()

Protected Member Functions

final synchronized boolean getNextDeviceEvent (Event event) throws IOException
void setDeviceEventQueueSize (int size) throws IOException

Static Package Attributes

static final int EVENT_QUEUE_DEPTH = 32

Private Member Functions

final Button getButton (int button_enum)
final void processButtons (int button_enum, float value)
final void processEvent (AWTEvent event) throws IOException

Static Private Member Functions

static final Component[] createComponents ()

Private Attributes

final List awt_events = new ArrayList()
int event_state = EVENT_X
final List processed_awt_events = new ArrayList()

Static Private Attributes

static final int EVENT_BUTTON = 4
static final int EVENT_X = 1
static final int EVENT_Y = 2


class  Axis
class  Button

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