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net::java::games::input::GenericDesktopUsage Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for net::java::games::input::GenericDesktopUsage:


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Detailed Description

Generic Desktop Usages

Definition at line 45 of file GenericDesktopUsage.java.

Public Member Functions

final Component.Identifier getIdentifier ()
final String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static final GenericDesktopUsage map (int usage_id)

Static Public Attributes

static final GenericDesktopUsage BYTE_COUNT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x3B)
static final GenericDesktopUsage COUNTED_BUFFER = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x3A)
static final GenericDesktopUsage DIAL = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x37)
static final GenericDesktopUsage DPAD_DOWN = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x91)
static final GenericDesktopUsage DPAD_LEFT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x93)
static final GenericDesktopUsage DPAD_RIGHT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x92)
static final GenericDesktopUsage DPAD_UP = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x90)
static final GenericDesktopUsage GAME_PAD = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x05)
static final GenericDesktopUsage HATSWITCH = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x39)
static final GenericDesktopUsage JOYSTICK = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x04)
static final GenericDesktopUsage KEYBOARD = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x06)
static final GenericDesktopUsage KEYPAD = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x07)
static final GenericDesktopUsage MOTION_WAKEUP = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x3C)
static final GenericDesktopUsage MOUSE = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x02)
static final GenericDesktopUsage MULTI_AXIS_CONTROLLER = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x08)
static final GenericDesktopUsage POINTER = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x01)
static final GenericDesktopUsage RX = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x33)
static final GenericDesktopUsage RY = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x34)
static final GenericDesktopUsage RZ = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x35)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SELECT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x3E)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SLIDER = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x36)
static final GenericDesktopUsage START = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x3D)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_APP_MENU = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x86)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_CONTEXT_MENU = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x84)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_CONTROL = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x80)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MAIN_MENU = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x85)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x89)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU_DOWN = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x8D)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU_EXIT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x88)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU_HELP = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x87)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU_LEFT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x8B)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU_RIGHT = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x8A)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_MENU_UP = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x8C)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_POWER_DOWN = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x81)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_SLEEP = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x82)
static final GenericDesktopUsage SYSTEM_WAKE_UP = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x83)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VBRX = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x43)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VBRY = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x44)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VBRZ = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x45)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VNO = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x46)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VX = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x40)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VY = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x41)
static final GenericDesktopUsage VZ = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x42)
static final GenericDesktopUsage WHEEL = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x38)
static final GenericDesktopUsage X = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x30)
static final GenericDesktopUsage Y = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x31)
static final GenericDesktopUsage Z = new GenericDesktopUsage(0x32)

Private Member Functions

 GenericDesktopUsage (int usage_id)

Private Attributes

final int usage_id

Static Private Attributes

static final GenericDesktopUsage[] map = new GenericDesktopUsage[0xFF]

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