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net::java::games::input::IDirectInputDevice Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Java wrapper for IDirectInputDevice



Definition at line 53 of file IDirectInputDevice.java.

Public Member Functions

final boolean areAxesRelative ()
final synchronized int getDeadzoneProperty (int object_identifier) throws IOException
synchronized final boolean getNextEvent (DIDeviceObjectData data)
final List getObjects ()
final int getPollData (DIDeviceObject object)
final String getProductName ()
final synchronized long[] getRangeProperty (int object_identifier) throws IOException
final Rumbler[] getRumblers ()
final int getType ()
 IDirectInputDevice (DummyWindow window, long address, byte[] instance_guid, byte[] product_guid, int dev_type, int dev_subtype, String instance_name, String product_name) throws IOException
final DIDeviceObject mapEvent (DIDeviceObjectData event)
final DIComponent mapObject (DIDeviceObject object)
final synchronized void pollAll () throws IOException
final void registerComponent (DIDeviceObject object, DIComponent component)
synchronized final void release ()
final synchronized void setBufferSize (int size) throws IOException
final synchronized void setCooperativeLevel (int flags) throws IOException

Static Public Attributes

static final int DI8DEVTYPE_1STPERSON = 0x18
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_DEVICE = 0x11
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_DEVICECTRL = 0x19
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_DRIVING = 0x16
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_FLIGHT = 0x17
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_GAMEPAD = 0x15
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_JOYSTICK = 0x14
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_KEYBOARD = 0x13
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_MOUSE = 0x12
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_REMOTE = 0x1B
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_SCREENPOINTER = 0x1A
static final int DI8DEVTYPE_SUPPLEMENTAL = 0x1C
static final int DI_BUFFEROVERFLOW = 0x00000001
static final int DI_DEGREES = 100
static final int DI_DOWNLOADSKIPPED = 0x00000003
static final int DI_EFFECTRESTARTED = 0x00000004
static final int DI_FFNOMINALMAX = 10000
static final int DI_NOEFFECT = 0x00000001
static final int DI_OK = 0x00000000
static final int DI_POLLEDDEVICE = 0x00000002
static final int DI_PROPNOEFFECT = 0x00000001
static final int DI_SECONDS = 1000000
static final int DI_SETTINGSNOTSAVED = 0x0000000B
static final int DI_TRUNCATED = 0x00000008
static final int DI_TRUNCATEDANDRESTARTED = 0x0000000C
static final int DIDF_ABSAXIS = 0x00000001
static final int DIDF_RELAXIS = 0x00000002
static final int DIDFT_ABSAXIS = 0x00000002
static final int DIDFT_ALIAS = 0x08000000
static final int DIDFT_ALL = 0x00000000
static final int DIDFT_AXIS = 0x00000003
static final int DIDFT_BUTTON = 0x0000000C
static final int DIDFT_COLLECTION = 0x00000040
static final int DIDFT_FFACTUATOR = 0x01000000
static final int DIDFT_FFEFFECTTRIGGER = 0x02000000
static final int DIDFT_NOCOLLECTION = 0x00FFFF00
static final int DIDFT_NODATA = 0x00000080
static final int DIDFT_OPTIONAL = 0x80000000
static final int DIDFT_OUTPUT = 0x10000000
static final int DIDFT_POV = 0x00000010
static final int DIDFT_PSHBUTTON = 0x00000004
static final int DIDFT_RELAXIS = 0x00000001
static final int DIDFT_TGLBUTTON = 0x00000008
static final int DIDFT_VENDORDEFINED = 0x04000000
static final int DIDOI_ASPECTACCEL = 0x00000300
static final int DIDOI_ASPECTFORCE = 0x00000400
static final int DIDOI_ASPECTMASK = 0x00000F00
static final int DIDOI_ASPECTPOSITION = 0x00000100
static final int DIDOI_ASPECTVELOCITY = 0x00000200
static final int DIDOI_FFACTUATOR = 0x00000001
static final int DIDOI_FFEFFECTTRIGGER = 0x00000002
static final int DIDOI_GUIDISUSAGE = 0x00010000
static final int DIDOI_POLLED = 0x00008000
static final int DIEB_NOTRIGGER = 0xFFFFFFFF
static final int DIEFF_CARTESIAN = 0x00000010
static final int DIEFF_OBJECTIDS = 0x00000001
static final int DIEFF_OBJECTOFFSETS = 0x00000002
static final int DIEFF_POLAR = 0x00000020
static final int DIEFF_SPHERICAL = 0x00000040
static final int DIEFT_ALL = 0x00000000
static final int DIEFT_CONDITION = 0x00000004
static final int DIEFT_CONSTANTFORCE = 0x00000001
static final int DIEFT_CUSTOMFORCE = 0x00000005
static final int DIEFT_DEADBAND = 0x00004000
static final int DIEFT_FFATTACK = 0x00000200
static final int DIEFT_FFFADE = 0x00000400
static final int DIEFT_HARDWARE = 0x000000FF
static final int DIEFT_PERIODIC = 0x00000003
static final int DIEFT_POSNEGCOEFFICIENTS = 0x00001000
static final int DIEFT_POSNEGSATURATION = 0x00002000
static final int DIEFT_RAMPFORCE = 0x00000002
static final int DIEFT_SATURATION = 0x00000800
static final int DIEFT_STARTDELAY = 0x00008000
static final int DIEP_ALLPARAMS = 0x000003FF
static final int DIEP_ALLPARAMS_DX5 = 0x000001FF
static final int DIEP_AXES = 0x00000020
static final int DIEP_DIRECTION = 0x00000040
static final int DIEP_DURATION = 0x00000001
static final int DIEP_ENVELOPE = 0x00000080
static final int DIEP_GAIN = 0x00000004
static final int DIEP_NODOWNLOAD = 0x80000000
static final int DIEP_NORESTART = 0x40000000
static final int DIEP_SAMPLEPERIOD = 0x00000002
static final int DIEP_START = 0x20000000
static final int DIEP_STARTDELAY = 0x00000200
static final int DIEP_TRIGGERBUTTON = 0x00000008
static final int DIEP_TRIGGERREPEATINTERVAL = 0x00000010
static final int DIEP_TYPESPECIFICPARAMS = 0x00000100
static final int DIERR_INPUTLOST = 0x8007001E
static final int DIERR_NOTACQUIRED = 0x8007001C
static final int DIERR_OTHERAPPHASPRIO = 0x80070005
static final int DIPROPRANGE_NOMAX = 0x7FFFFFFF
static final int DIPROPRANGE_NOMIN = 0x80000000
static final int DISCL_BACKGROUND = 0x00000008
static final int DISCL_EXCLUSIVE = 0x00000001
static final int DISCL_FOREGROUND = 0x00000004
static final int DISCL_NONEXCLUSIVE = 0x00000002
static final int DISCL_NOWINKEY = 0x00000010
static final int GUID_Button = 8
static final int GUID_ConstantForce = 12
static final int GUID_CustomForce = 23
static final int GUID_Damper = 20
static final int GUID_Friction = 22
static final int GUID_Inertia = 21
static final int GUID_Key = 9
static final int GUID_POV = 10
static final int GUID_RampForce = 13
static final int GUID_RxAxis = 4
static final int GUID_RyAxis = 5
static final int GUID_RzAxis = 6
static final int GUID_SawtoothDown = 18
static final int GUID_SawtoothUp = 17
static final int GUID_Sine = 15
static final int GUID_Slider = 7
static final int GUID_Spring = 19
static final int GUID_Square = 14
static final int GUID_Triangle = 16
static final int GUID_Unknown = 11
static final int GUID_XAxis = 1
static final int GUID_YAxis = 2
static final int GUID_ZAxis = 3
static final int INFINITE = 0xFFFFFFFF

Protected Member Functions

void finalize ()

Private Member Functions

final void acquire () throws IOException
final void addEffect (byte[] guid, int guid_id, int effect_type, int static_params, int dynamic_params, String name)
final void addObject (byte[] guid, int guid_type, int identifier, int type, int instance, int flags, String name) throws IOException
final void checkReleased () throws IOException
final Rumbler createPeriodicRumbler (DIDeviceObject[] axes, long[] directions, DIEffectInfo info) throws IOException
final List createRumblers () throws IOException
final void enumEffects () throws IOException
final void enumObjects () throws IOException
final boolean getDeviceData (DataQueue queue) throws IOException
final void getDeviceState (int[] device_state) throws IOException
final Component.Identifier getIdentifier (int guid_type, int type, int instance)
final Component.Identifier.Button getNextButtonIdentifier ()
final DIDeviceObject lookupObjectByGUID (int guid_id)
final native int nEnumEffects (long address, int flags)
final native int nEnumObjects (long address, int flags)
final void poll () throws IOException
final void setDataFormat (int flags) throws IOException
final void unacquire () throws IOException

Static Private Member Functions

static final
getKeyIdentifier (int key_instance)
static final native int nAcquire (long address)
static final native long nCreatePeriodicEffect (long address, byte[] effect_guid, int flags, int duration, int sample_period, int gain, int trigger_button, int trigger_repeat_interval, int[] axis_ids, long[] directions, int envelope_attack_level, int envelope_attack_time, int envelope_fade_level, int envelope_fade_time, int periodic_magnitude, int periodic_offset, int periodic_phase, int periodic_period, int start_delay) throws IOException
static final native int nGetDeadzoneProperty (long address, int object_id) throws IOException
static final native int nGetDeviceData (long address, int flags, DataQueue queue, Object[] queue_elements, int position, int remaining)
static final native int nGetDeviceState (long address, int[] device_state)
static final native int nGetRangeProperty (long address, int object_id, long[] range)
static final native int nPoll (long address) throws IOException
static final native void nRelease (long address)
static final native int nSetBufferSize (long address, int size)
static final native int nSetCooperativeLevel (long address, long hwnd_address, int flags)
static final native int nSetDataFormat (long address, int flags, DIDeviceObject[] device_objects)
static final native int nUnacquire (long address)

Private Attributes

final long address
final boolean axes_in_relative_mode
int button_counter
int current_format_offset
final int dev_subtype
final int dev_type
final int[] device_state
final List effects = new ArrayList()
final String instance_name
final Map object_to_component = new HashMap()
final List objects = new ArrayList()
final String product_name
DataQueue queue
boolean released
final List rumblers = new ArrayList()
final DummyWindow window

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