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net::java::games::input::KeyboardUsage Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Mapping from Keyboard HID usages to Component.Identifier.Key

Definition at line 48 of file KeyboardUsage.java.

Public Member Functions

final Component.Identifier.Key getIdentifier ()
final String toString ()

Static Public Member Functions

static final KeyboardUsage map (int usage)

Static Public Attributes

static final KeyboardUsage _0 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._0, 0x27)
static final KeyboardUsage _1 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._1, 0x1E)
static final KeyboardUsage _2 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._2, 0x1F)
static final KeyboardUsage _3 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._3, 0x20)
static final KeyboardUsage _4 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._4, 0x21)
static final KeyboardUsage _5 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._5, 0x22)
static final KeyboardUsage _6 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._6, 0x23)
static final KeyboardUsage _7 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._7, 0x24)
static final KeyboardUsage _8 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._8, 0x25)
static final KeyboardUsage _9 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key._9, 0x26)
static final KeyboardUsage A = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.A, 0x04)
static final KeyboardUsage AGAIN = new KeyboardUsage(0x79)
static final KeyboardUsage ALTERNATEERASE = new KeyboardUsage(0x99)
static final KeyboardUsage APPLICATION = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.APPS, 0x65)
static final KeyboardUsage B = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.B, 0x05)
static final KeyboardUsage BACKSLASH = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.BACKSLASH, 0x31)
static final KeyboardUsage BACKSPACE = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.BACK, 0x2A)
static final KeyboardUsage C = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.C, 0x06)
static final KeyboardUsage CANCEL = new KeyboardUsage(0x9B)
static final KeyboardUsage CAPSLOCK = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.CAPITAL, 0x39)
static final KeyboardUsage CLEAR = new KeyboardUsage(0x9C)
static final KeyboardUsage CLEARORAGAIN = new KeyboardUsage(0xA2)
static final KeyboardUsage CLOSEBRACKET = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RBRACKET, 0x30)
static final KeyboardUsage COMMA = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.COMMA, 0x36)
static final KeyboardUsage COPY = new KeyboardUsage(0x7C)
static final KeyboardUsage CRSELORPROPS = new KeyboardUsage(0xA3)
static final KeyboardUsage CUT = new KeyboardUsage(0x7B)
static final KeyboardUsage D = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.D, 0x07)
static final KeyboardUsage DELETE = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.DELETE, 0x4C)
static final KeyboardUsage DOWNARROW = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.DOWN, 0x51)
static final KeyboardUsage E = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.E, 0x08)
static final KeyboardUsage END = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.END, 0x4D)
static final KeyboardUsage ENTER = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RETURN, 0x28)
static final KeyboardUsage EQUALSIGN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.EQUALS, 0x2E)
static final KeyboardUsage ERRORROLLOVER = new KeyboardUsage(0x01)
static final KeyboardUsage ERRORUNDEFINED = new KeyboardUsage(0x03)
static final KeyboardUsage ESCAPE = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.ESCAPE, 0x29)
static final KeyboardUsage EXECUTE = new KeyboardUsage(0x74)
static final KeyboardUsage EXSEL = new KeyboardUsage(0xA4)
static final KeyboardUsage F = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F, 0x09)
static final KeyboardUsage F1 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F1, 0x3A)
static final KeyboardUsage F10 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F10, 0x43)
static final KeyboardUsage F11 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F11, 0x44)
static final KeyboardUsage F12 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F12, 0x45)
static final KeyboardUsage F13 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F13, 0x68)
static final KeyboardUsage F14 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F14, 0x69)
static final KeyboardUsage F15 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F15, 0x6A)
static final KeyboardUsage F16 = new KeyboardUsage(0x6B)
static final KeyboardUsage F17 = new KeyboardUsage(0x6C)
static final KeyboardUsage F18 = new KeyboardUsage(0x6D)
static final KeyboardUsage F19 = new KeyboardUsage(0x6E)
static final KeyboardUsage F2 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F2, 0x3B)
static final KeyboardUsage F20 = new KeyboardUsage(0x6F)
static final KeyboardUsage F21 = new KeyboardUsage(0x70)
static final KeyboardUsage F22 = new KeyboardUsage(0x71)
static final KeyboardUsage F23 = new KeyboardUsage(0x72)
static final KeyboardUsage F24 = new KeyboardUsage(0x73)
static final KeyboardUsage F3 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F3, 0x3C)
static final KeyboardUsage F4 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F4, 0x3D)
static final KeyboardUsage F5 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F5, 0x3E)
static final KeyboardUsage F6 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F6, 0x3F)
static final KeyboardUsage F7 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F7, 0x40)
static final KeyboardUsage F8 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F8, 0x41)
static final KeyboardUsage F9 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.F9, 0x42)
static final KeyboardUsage FIND = new KeyboardUsage(0x7E)
static final KeyboardUsage G = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.G, 0x0A)
static final KeyboardUsage H = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.H, 0x0B)
static final KeyboardUsage HELP = new KeyboardUsage(0x75)
static final KeyboardUsage HOME = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.HOME, 0x4A)
static final KeyboardUsage HYPHEN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.MINUS, 0x2D)
static final KeyboardUsage I = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.I, 0x0C)
static final KeyboardUsage INSERT = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.INSERT, 0x49)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL1 = new KeyboardUsage(0x87)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL2 = new KeyboardUsage(0x88)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL3 = new KeyboardUsage(0x89)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL4 = new KeyboardUsage(0x8A)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL5 = new KeyboardUsage(0x8B)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL6 = new KeyboardUsage(0x8C)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL7 = new KeyboardUsage(0x8D)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL8 = new KeyboardUsage(0x8E)
static final KeyboardUsage INTERNATIONAL9 = new KeyboardUsage(0x8F)
static final KeyboardUsage J = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.J, 0x0D)
static final KeyboardUsage K = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.K, 0x0E)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_0 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD0, 0x62)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_1 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD1, 0x59)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_2 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD2, 0x5A)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_3 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD3, 0x5B)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_4 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD4, 0x5C)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_5 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD5, 0x5D)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_6 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD6, 0x5E)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_7 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD7, 0x5F)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_8 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD8, 0x60)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_9 = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPAD9, 0x61)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_ASTERICK = new KeyboardUsage(0x55)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_COMMA = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.COMMA, 0x85)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_ENTER = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPADENTER, 0x58)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_EQUALSIGN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMPADEQUAL, 0x67)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_EQUALSSIGNAS400 = new KeyboardUsage(0x86)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_HYPHEN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SUBTRACT, 0x56)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_NUMLOCK = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMLOCK, 0x53)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_PERIOD = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.DECIMAL, 0x63)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_PLUS = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.ADD, 0x57)
static final KeyboardUsage KEYPAD_SLASH = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.DIVIDE, 0x54)
static final KeyboardUsage L = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.L, 0x0F)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG1 = new KeyboardUsage(0x90)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG2 = new KeyboardUsage(0x91)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG3 = new KeyboardUsage(0x92)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG4 = new KeyboardUsage(0x93)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG5 = new KeyboardUsage(0x94)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG6 = new KeyboardUsage(0x95)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG7 = new KeyboardUsage(0x96)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG8 = new KeyboardUsage(0x97)
static final KeyboardUsage LANG9 = new KeyboardUsage(0x98)
static final KeyboardUsage LEFTALT = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.LALT, 0xE2)
static final KeyboardUsage LEFTARROW = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.LEFT, 0x50)
static final KeyboardUsage LEFTCONTROL = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.LCONTROL, 0xE0)
static final KeyboardUsage LEFTGUI = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.LWIN, 0xE3)
static final KeyboardUsage LEFTSHIFT = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.LSHIFT, 0xE1)
static final KeyboardUsage LOCKINGCAPSLOCK = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.CAPITAL, 0x82)
static final KeyboardUsage LOCKINGNUMLOCK = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.NUMLOCK, 0x83)
static final KeyboardUsage LOCKINGSCROLLLOCK = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SCROLL, 0x84)
static final KeyboardUsage M = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.M, 0x10)
static final KeyboardUsage MENU = new KeyboardUsage(0x76)
static final KeyboardUsage MUTE = new KeyboardUsage(0x7F)
static final KeyboardUsage N = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.N, 0x11)
static final KeyboardUsage NONUSBACKSLASH = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.BACKSLASH, 0x64)
static final KeyboardUsage NONUSPOUNT = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.PERIOD, 0x32)
static final KeyboardUsage O = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.O, 0x12)
static final KeyboardUsage OPENBRACKET = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.LBRACKET, 0x2F)
static final KeyboardUsage OPER = new KeyboardUsage(0xA1)
static final KeyboardUsage OUT = new KeyboardUsage(0xA0)
static final KeyboardUsage P = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.P, 0x13)
static final KeyboardUsage PAGEDOWN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.PAGEDOWN, 0x4E)
static final KeyboardUsage PAGEUP = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.PAGEUP, 0x4B)
static final KeyboardUsage PASTE = new KeyboardUsage(0x7D)
static final KeyboardUsage PAUSE = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.PAUSE, 0x48)
static final KeyboardUsage PERIOD = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.PERIOD, 0x37)
static final KeyboardUsage POSTFAIL = new KeyboardUsage(0x02)
static final KeyboardUsage POWER = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.POWER, 0x66)
static final KeyboardUsage PRINTSCREEN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SYSRQ, 0x46)
static final KeyboardUsage PRIOR = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.PAGEUP, 0x9D)
static final KeyboardUsage Q = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.Q, 0x14)
static final KeyboardUsage QUOTE = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.APOSTROPHE, 0x34)
static final KeyboardUsage R = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.R, 0x15)
static final KeyboardUsage RETURN = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RETURN, 0x9E)
static final KeyboardUsage RIGHTALT = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RALT, 0xE6)
static final KeyboardUsage RIGHTARROW = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RIGHT, 0x4F)
static final KeyboardUsage RIGHTCONTROL = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RCONTROL, 0xE4)
static final KeyboardUsage RIGHTGUI = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RWIN, 0xE7)
static final KeyboardUsage RIGHTSHIFT = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.RSHIFT, 0xE5)
static final KeyboardUsage S = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.S, 0x16)
static final KeyboardUsage SCROLLLOCK = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SCROLL, 0x47)
static final KeyboardUsage SELECT = new KeyboardUsage(0x77)
static final KeyboardUsage SEMICOLON = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SEMICOLON, 0x33)
static final KeyboardUsage SEPARATOR = new KeyboardUsage(0x9F)
static final KeyboardUsage SLASH = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SLASH, 0x38)
static final KeyboardUsage SPACEBAR = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SPACE, 0x2C)
static final KeyboardUsage STOP = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.STOP, 0x78)
static final KeyboardUsage SYSREQORATTENTION = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.SYSRQ, 0x9A)
static final KeyboardUsage T = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.T, 0x17)
static final KeyboardUsage TAB = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.TAB, 0x2B)
static final KeyboardUsage TILDE = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.GRAVE, 0x35)
static final KeyboardUsage U = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.U, 0x18)
static final KeyboardUsage UNDO = new KeyboardUsage(0x7A)
static final KeyboardUsage UPARROW = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.UP, 0x52)
static final KeyboardUsage V = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.V, 0x19)
static final KeyboardUsage VOLUMEDOWN = new KeyboardUsage(0x81)
static final KeyboardUsage VOLUMEUP = new KeyboardUsage(0x80)
static final KeyboardUsage W = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.W, 0x1A)
static final KeyboardUsage X = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.X, 0x1B)
static final KeyboardUsage Y = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.Y, 0x1C)
static final KeyboardUsage Z = new KeyboardUsage(Component.Identifier.Key.Z, 0x1D)

Private Member Functions

 KeyboardUsage (Component.Identifier.Key id, int usage)
 KeyboardUsage (int usage)

Private Attributes

final Component.Identifier.Key identifier
final int usage

Static Private Attributes

static final KeyboardUsage[] map = new KeyboardUsage[0xFF]

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