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net::java::games::input::LinuxEnvironmentPlugin Class Reference

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Detailed Description

Environment plugin for linux

Jeremy Booth (jeremy@newdawnsoftware.com)

Definition at line 41 of file LinuxEnvironmentPlugin.java.

Public Member Functions

void addControllerListener (ControllerListener l)
final Controller[] getControllers ()
boolean isSupported ()
void removeControllerListener (ControllerListener l)

Static Public Member Functions

static final Object execute (LinuxDeviceTask task) throws IOException
static ControllerEnvironment getDefaultEnvironment ()

Protected Member Functions

void fireControllerAdded (Controller c)
void fireControllerRemoved (Controller c)

Protected Attributes

final ArrayList controllerListeners = new ArrayList()

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]
static String getPrivilegedProperty (final String property, final String default_value)
static String getPrivilegedProperty (final String property)
static void loadLibrary (final String lib_name)
static void log (String msg)
static void logln (String msg)

Private Member Functions

final Controller[] enumerateControllers ()
final void enumerateEventControllers (List controllers)
final void enumerateJoystickControllers (List controllers)

Static Private Member Functions

static final Component[] createComponents (List event_components, LinuxEventDevice device)
static final Controller createControllerFromDevice (LinuxEventDevice device) throws IOException
static final Controller createJoystickFromDevice (LinuxEventDevice device, Component[] components, Controller.Type type) throws IOException
static final Controller createJoystickFromJoystickDevice (LinuxJoystickDevice device)
static final Keyboard createKeyboardFromDevice (LinuxEventDevice device, Component[] components) throws IOException
static final Mouse createMouseFromDevice (LinuxEventDevice device, Component[] components) throws IOException
static final File[] enumerateJoystickDeviceFiles (final String dev_path)
static String getAbsolutePathPrivileged (final File file)
static final
getButtonIdentifier (int index)
static File[] listFilesPrivileged (final File dir, final FilenameFilter filter)

Private Attributes

final Controller[] controllers
final List devices = new ArrayList()

Static Private Attributes

static final LinuxDeviceThread device_thread = new LinuxDeviceThread()
static final String LIBNAME = "jinput-linux"
static final String POSTFIX64BIT = "64"
static boolean supported = false


class  ShutdownHook

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