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net::java::games::input::LinuxJoystickDevice Class Reference

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Detailed Description


Definition at line 37 of file LinuxJoystickDevice.java.

Public Member Functions

final synchronized void close () throws IOException
final byte[] getAxisMap ()
final char[] getButtonMap ()
final String getName ()
final synchronized boolean getNextEvent (Event event) throws IOException
final int getNumAxes ()
final int getNumButtons ()
 LinuxJoystickDevice (String filename) throws IOException
final synchronized void poll () throws IOException
final void registerAxis (int index, LinuxJoystickAxis axis)
final void registerButton (int index, LinuxJoystickButton button)
final void registerPOV (LinuxJoystickPOV pov)
final synchronized void setBufferSize (int size)

Static Public Attributes

static final int AXIS_MAX_VALUE = 32767
static final int JS_EVENT_AXIS = 0x02
static final int JS_EVENT_BUTTON = 0x01
static final int JS_EVENT_INIT = 0x80

Protected Member Functions

void finalize () throws IOException

Private Member Functions

final void checkClosed () throws IOException
final byte[] getDeviceAxisMap () throws IOException
final char[] getDeviceButtonMap () throws IOException
final String getDeviceName () throws IOException
final boolean getNextDeviceEvent (LinuxJoystickEvent joystick_event) throws IOException
final int getNumDeviceAxes () throws IOException
final int getNumDeviceButtons () throws IOException
final int getVersion () throws IOException
final void processEvent (LinuxJoystickEvent joystick_event)

Static Private Member Functions

static final native void nClose (long fd) throws IOException
static final native byte[] nGetAxisMap (long fd) throws IOException
static final native char[] nGetButtonMap (long fd) throws IOException
static final native String nGetName (long fd) throws IOException
static final native boolean nGetNextEvent (long fd, LinuxJoystickEvent joystick_event) throws IOException
static final native int nGetNumAxes (long fd) throws IOException
static final native int nGetNumButtons (long fd) throws IOException
static final native int nGetVersion (long fd) throws IOException
static final native long nOpen (String filename) throws IOException

Private Attributes

final LinuxJoystickAxis[] axes
final byte[] axisMap
final char[] buttonMap
final LinuxJoystickButton[] buttons
boolean closed
final Event event = new Event()
EventQueue event_queue
final long fd
final LinuxJoystickEvent joystick_event = new LinuxJoystickEvent()
final String name
final Map povXs = new HashMap()
final Map povYs = new HashMap()

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