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net::java::games::input::OSXHIDDevice Class Reference

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Detailed Description

OSX HIDManager implementation



Definition at line 53 of file OSXHIDDevice.java.

Public Member Functions

final synchronized OSXHIDQueue createQueue (int queue_depth) throws IOException
final List getElements ()
final synchronized void getElementValue (long element_cookie, OSXEvent event) throws IOException
final Controller.PortType getPortType ()
final String getProductName ()
final UsagePair getUsagePair ()
 OSXHIDDevice (long device_address, long device_interface_address) throws IOException
final synchronized void release () throws IOException

Private Member Functions

final void addElements (List elements, Map properties)
final void checkReleased () throws IOException
final void close () throws IOException
final OSXHIDElement createElementFromElementProperties (Map element_properties)
final void dumpProperties ()
final Map getDeviceProperties () throws IOException
final void open () throws IOException

Static Private Member Functions

static final UsagePair createUsagePair (int usage_page_id, int usage_id)
static final void dumpArray (String prefix, Object[] array)
static final void dumpMap (String prefix, Map map)
static final void dumpObject (String prefix, Object obj)
static final boolean getBooleanFromProperties (Map properties, String key, boolean default_value)
static final int getIntFromProperties (Map properties, String key)
static final long getLongFromProperties (Map properties, String key)
static final long getLongFromProperties (Map properties, String key, long default_value)
static final native void nClose (long device_interface_address) throws IOException
static final native long nCreateQueue (long device_interface_address) throws IOException
static final native Map nGetDeviceProperties (long device_address) throws IOException
static final native void nGetElementValue (long device_interface_address, long element_cookie, OSXEvent event) throws IOException
static final native void nOpen (long device_interface_address) throws IOException
static final native void nReleaseDevice (long device_address, long device_interface_address)

Private Attributes

final long device_address
final long device_interface_address
final Map properties
boolean released

Static Private Attributes

static final int AXIS_DEFAULT_MAX_VALUE = 64*1024
static final int AXIS_DEFAULT_MIN_VALUE = 0
static final String kIOHIDCountryCodeKey = "CountryCode"
static final String kIOHIDDeviceUsageKey = "DeviceUsage"
static final String kIOHIDDeviceUsagePageKey = "DeviceUsagePage"
static final String kIOHIDDeviceUsagePairsKey = "DeviceUsagePairs"
static final String kIOHIDElementCollectionTypeKey = "CollectionType"
static final String kIOHIDElementCookieKey = "ElementCookie"
static final String kIOHIDElementDuplicateIndexKey = "DuplicateIndex"
static final String kIOHIDElementHasNullStateKey = "HasNullState"
static final String kIOHIDElementHasPreferredStateKey = "HasPreferredState"
static final String kIOHIDElementIsArrayKey = "IsArray"
static final String kIOHIDElementIsNonLinearKey = "IsNonLinear"
static final String kIOHIDElementIsRelativeKey = "IsRelative"
static final String kIOHIDElementIsWrappingKey = "IsWrapping"
static final String kIOHIDElementKey = "Elements"
static final String kIOHIDElementMaxKey = "Max"
static final String kIOHIDElementMinKey = "Min"
static final String kIOHIDElementNameKey = "Name"
static final String kIOHIDElementParentCollectionKey = "ParentCollection"
static final String kIOHIDElementReportCountKey = "ReportCount"
static final String kIOHIDElementReportIDKey = "ReportID"
static final String kIOHIDElementReportSizeKey = "ReportSize"
static final String kIOHIDElementScaledMaxKey = "ScaledMax"
static final String kIOHIDElementScaledMinKey = "ScaledMin"
static final String kIOHIDElementSizeKey = "Size"
static final String kIOHIDElementTypeKey = "Type"
static final String kIOHIDElementUnitExponentKey = "UnitExponent"
static final String kIOHIDElementUnitKey = "Unit"
static final String kIOHIDElementUsageKey = "Usage"
static final String kIOHIDElementUsagePageKey = "UsagePage"
static final String kIOHIDElementValueLocationKey = "ValueLocation"
static final String kIOHIDLocationIDKey = "LocationID"
static final String kIOHIDManufacturerKey = "Manufacturer"
static final String kIOHIDMaxFeatureReportSizeKey = "MaxFeatureReportSize"
static final String kIOHIDMaxInputReportSizeKey = "MaxInputReportSize"
static final String kIOHIDMaxOutputReportSizeKey = "MaxOutputReportSize"
static final String kIOHIDPrimaryUsageKey = "PrimaryUsage"
static final String kIOHIDPrimaryUsagePageKey = "PrimaryUsagePage"
static final String kIOHIDProductIDKey = "ProductID"
static final String kIOHIDProductKey = "Product"
static final String kIOHIDSerialNumberKey = "SerialNumber"
static final String kIOHIDTransportKey = "Transport"
static final String kIOHIDVendorIDKey = "VendorID"
static final String kIOHIDVendorIDSourceKey = "VendorIDSource"
static final String kIOHIDVersionNumberKey = "VersionNumber"
static final Logger log = Logger.getLogger(OSXHIDDevice.class.getName())

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